For Heat Pump Installers

Flexible services provided to meet your needs.

We are in a Unique position. We install complete heating systems, but we also help other Heat pump installers by offering our drilling services for loop installation and hook up.


Our normal price for Loop Field installation is $1450 per 'ton' of heat pump (about 12,000 Btu of heat) that includes drilling and grouting the vertical wells, trenching to the house, running the loops into the house and hooking them to the heat pump. (we don't provide the circulation pumps). Flushing & Purging is also included (we supply the anti-freeze solution)


Many other configurations are also acceptable. Many times the heat pump contractor has their own equipment to dig the trenches, so we give a rebate for that, many times the heat pump installer prefers us to only drill & grout the vertical wells (they trench & do all the hook up to the heat pump). Again, we give a better price for all these things. We try to stay as flexible as possible, meeting the exact needs for our customers.


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