For Design Engineers

Looking for contractors to produce your designs?

We work with you to present real world solutions for your specs. We can suggest design parameters for a safe and successful installation. We are qualified and experienced in any loop design. We can also design hybrid systems to meet your needs, depending on specific circumstances of individual projects.



The Quality of our customer service is just as important as the quality of our work because supporting you is part of our job, too! To complement our high tech construction methods, we employ knowledgeable and professional customer service you can count on.


Harness the untapped energy that rests within the earth with a geothermal heating and cooling system from North-Eastern United States Geothermal Professionals: J. Karp & Sons Geothermal Drilling.

  • J. Karp & Sons Geothermal Drilling and Loop Installation produces high quality geothermal installations that will provide years of low cost and trouble free service.

  • Equipped with both modern Mud and Air drilling equipment

  • Specializing in Large and Medium sized project.

  • With our centralized geographic location, we can support projects anywhere in the Northeast Pennsylvania area.

  • Test Boring and Consulting

  • Thermal Conductivity Testing

  • Equipped with necessary equipment for successful and convenient completion of horizontal, vertical, standing column, and hybrid systems.

  • We are certified by International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) and members of American Water Well Association (AWWA) and the Ground Source Heat Pump Consortium (GHP)


Remember, any system might work, but it takes experience and expertise to make the system work well and be cost effective.


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