GEOExchange - Heating and Cooling System

Harness the untapped energy that rests within the earth with a GEOExchange heating and cooling system from GEOExchange Professionals: J. Karp & Sons Well Drilling

  • J. Karp & Sons Well Drilling produces high quality GEOExchange installations that will provide years of low cost and trouble free service.

  • How low is the yearly heating & cooling costs of Geothermal heat pumps??

If you have an example house that costs $2,000 to heat per year with electric resistance heat

you could heat this same house for about $1,200 - $1,400 per year with high efficiency gas or oil

Or you could Heat - Air Conditions - And provide most of your hot water for around $600 - $700 per year total!

That's $600 - $700 for the entire year to heat, air condition, and provide hot water for the exact same house. That's a big savings!!

  • Equipped with both modern Mud, Auger and Air drilling equipment

  • Equipped with necessary equipment for successful and convenient completion of horizontal, vertical, standing column, and hybrid systems.

  • We are certified by International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) and members of American Water Well Association (AWWA) and the Ground Source Heat Pump Consortium (GHP)

Remember, any system might work, but it takes experience and expertise to make the system work well and be cost effective.


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