Service Contract Info

This life-time pump system service contract is being offered to you by J. Karp and Sons Well Drilling so you will never have a charge for a pump system repair again!


In our 27 years of experience, we have come to realize that water pump systems need a "health check-up" just like people do. Just because a pump pumps water, doesn't mean it's working right. If a symptom arises, most service work on a water pump system is not done because it costs money to have it checked or you're afraid to find that the problem is more serious and expensive than you can afford right now. So you do nothing until the pump system is unbearable or quits completely, and even then you hate to call the pump service man because You worry about HOW MUCH WILL IT COST & WHERE AM I GOING TO GET THE MONEY?


With J. Karp & Sons Life Time Pump System Service Contract, you will NEVER have that problem again. You will never have to worry about any repair costs on your water pump system from the well pump to the cold water storage tank including the electrical wiring (from the well pump to the pressure switch located on the cold water pressure tank). And we will supply a backhoe if the pipes or wiring underground needs repairs.  100% coverage against normal wear and/or defects in material or faulty installation (see exclusions: lightning, vandalism).  Any repairs being done to your pump system will be done in a professional manner using quality parts and material.




  • Submersible and Jet Pumps

  • Water Pump Water Pipes and electrical wiring in the well.

  • Repair or Replacement of a broken pipe or wire underground (from the well to the house) including the backhoe.

  • Any Residential or Light Commercial Pump System can be covered up to 7 (seven) years old.

  • You get First Response to repairs on your pump system over other repair calls or scheduled work.

  • 7 Day A Week Service (emergency repair -see contract).

  • All Labor and Material Included (see deductible).

  • Cannot Be Cancelled for any reason (except nonpayment of premium)

  • Change or adjust pressure switch when required.

  • Checking air pressure in the cold water pressure tank and adjusting when needed.

  • Scheduled pump system check-up at your convenience.

Some things to remember when considering a service contract:

  • A properly operating pump system means lower power consumption to you..

  • Scheduled check-ups mean less breakdowns and less inconvenience to you.

  • Avoid Expensive and Untimely pump REPAIR BILLS again.

  • Never Worry about your Pump System Breaking Again or having to wonder "Where am I going to get the money to pay the repairman?".

  • Get peace of mind knowing you will never have a PUMP system repair bill again.

  • FREE Pump System check-up with this service contract.


Any loss caused by lightning that is not paid by an insurance cam will be covered (including the property insurance deductible maximum $250).



Any system not installed by J. Karp & Sons will be pulled and inspected (with prior permission). We will make any repairs necessary to bring your pump system up to our high standard of quality. Labor and material for this inspection will be charged to the customer at a reduced rate.



1/3 HP @ I HP jet or submersible pump - $99.50

I- 1/2 HP jet or submersible pump - $119.40


SCHEDULE A: For pump systems

Prepay Deductible 3 - 4 years $150.00 or $400.00 4 - 5 years $250.00 or $500.00 5 - 6 years $350.00 or $600.00 Plus annual fee.



  • Any pump larger than I- 1/2 HP, jet or submersible.

  • Wiring from the main p I to the pressure switch.

  • Piping - galvanized pipe in the well is not covered.

  • Damage caused from vandalism or negligence

  • Damage caused by freezing.

  • Damage caused by fire.

  • Yard hydrant, well, well casing, or well cap. Damage caused by anything other than normal wear or faulty material (except lightning).


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